Hello, Hello! I am Cristina Monserrat Balcells Moreno, proudly Mexican and mother of a little Australian girl.

I was born in the state of Jalisco and lived most of my life in the beautiful city of Guadalajara except for vacation trips.
I am a city girl, always living in the hustle and bustle, traffic and stress of a big city like Guadalajara with more than 5 million people, I studied economics at the university, and during that time I tutored math and regularization to almost all my little neighbors, I loved tutoring because I always had a lot of fun, I believe that children and teenagers have an inner light that illuminates any room you just have to pay attention when this flame is lit, after each class I felt very happy because my students always ended up teaching me more than I taught them.
After college I worked for a while for the Chamber of Commerce of my state in the area of economic analysis, mainly I was in charge of making all the graphs and interpretations for the monthly article published in their magazine. Then I worked for HSBC bank in their financial analysis area.
A few years after finishing college my dad asked me to help him to manage the family business that consisted of two hotels of 23 rooms each, these hotels are located in a very important strategic point of the city, right in front of the Centro Medico de Occidente, which is the number 1 hospital in Latin America, in the areas of oncology, traumatology, neonatal, transplants, coronary and renal diseases. So our guests didn’t exactly come for vacation, most or almost all of them had an appointment or treatment at the hospital.
Meeting all those wonderful people who suffered every day because of some illness but who in spite of everything were happy and marveled at the possibilities that life has taught me another perspective, I learned to value the little things that we usually overlook such as health and how important it is to have your loved ones with you, that life changes in a second and that resilience can be your best tool to cope with all the changes that will happen throughout your life.
I met my husband in a park in Mexico, he was always telling me about his beloved Australia and with every conversation I had a growing feeling of getting to know her.
In 2018 I became a mother of a little girl, half Mexican, half Australian and it is the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life, everything changed and was better and better every day ….. but in 2019 came the COVID pandemic and everything changed again; first time mom with baby of months in total isolation, makes me dedicate 100% to raising my daughter, I read all the books on respectful parenting, positive parenting, attachment, continuum method, Montessori teaching, Waldorf method and everything you can find, I took all the online courses I could find from how to start complementary feeding with the BLM method to courses for sphincter control, the truth that the pandemic was very hard, but it also gave me the opportunity to raise my daughter in my little world and share wonderful moments.
Last year (2021) my husband and I decided to move to Australia, we did all the paperwork, bought all the flights and thank God we arrived in this new 2022 to start with the right foot a new life full of adventures. My husband is Australian with strong ties in the community here in Bellingen, so we decided to move to NZW, and from the moment I came on the plane to Coffs Harbour and could appreciate its intricate rivers I was amazed, never in my life had I seen so much green, giant trees the size of buildings and it was not just one big tree but many giant trees, the meadows for the cows with houses like a children’s nursery, the cows looked so beautiful and clean that they looked like stuffed animals, the air is so pure and clean that I could not believe it, after a life accustomed to smog, NSW for me was like arriving to a paradise.
Upon my arrival my mother in law who lived her childhood in Spain and her father is Spanish, introduced me to all her Spanish speaking friends, it was wonderful, it was a new experience to feel close to home being so far away just by being able to speak Spanish, at that moment I realized how languages unite people in more than one way. Not only do they make it easier to communicate, but they also connect you, they create a bond that can become unbreakable or forge a wonderful friendship.
That’s how I met Tamara and she told me about La Escuela and I was impressed with all that she and Milena have done.
I would love to share with the students of La Escuela all that I am, to teach them my language, my customs and my culture as I learn from them and live this new adventure of living with my family in Australia, I am very excited
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