la escuela

La escuela, began as a radio show in 2016. A newcomer to Australia, Tamara created and produced a Spanish Radio show called “ la escuela”. The main goal was to promote Spanish language and Hispanic culture and music.

Under this name, Tamara also started to teach Spanish lessons and then at the end of 2018 she relocated to Bellingen and she continued to teach in small groups of students. In 2019, Milena and Tamara met! Milena was also a Spanish teacher, so they connected immediately and decided to collaborate together under the la escuela name. Tamara couldn’t be more happy to see la escuela growing. Firstly, they were teaching in the Bellingen Hub and then they realised that la escuela needed its own space to further grow.

educational cultural centre

From January 2021, la escuela found a physical space, where they are creating a educational cultural centre, in which Milena and Tamara are teaching online and face to face classes, private and in groups with both children and adults.

cultural boutique gift shop

In addition to the technical comforts and logistical ease when it comes to teaching our classes, since we have all our educational materials. Another benefit from having our own space is to bring more energy and liveliness into the classroom, so we decided to create a small cultural boutique gift shop with tradicional products from Spain and Latin America. Unique items full of colour and art, mostly handmade in indigenous communities. Creating an environment, which transmits the joy that characterizes our culture.

Tamara - Milena

The benefits from this space are to bring more energy and liveliness. Offering the possibility to have a cultural boutique shop with products from Spain and Latin America.

La escuela has evolved into a cultural educational centre, holding and growing strong to the original vision. Now la escuela is composed of two dedicated teachers, Milena and Tamara with a mission to promote Spanish language and offer a rich cultural experience.

Only for those in love with learning a new language.
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