Hi! I am Tamara Melero Antúnez, I am a Spanish teacher in la escuela.

I was born in Segovia, Spain. I grew up on a farm, located in Cuevas de Provanco, a mountainous small village in the northern centre. My childhood was rich, full of freedom and in contact with nature and animals. I used to help my parents on the farm, with various tasks like milking the sheep, planting vegetables, and picking grapes for wine making. In my area there is a strong red wine and tourist culture, of the “Ribera del Duero” region. I worked during my university time involved in different projects and wineries. My father is Spanish and my mother is from Honduras, Central America. This has given me a worldly vision and cultural influences from both continents. Since a child I have travelled and spent periods of time on the Caribbean coast that bathes Honduras.

When my inner traveller knocked to my door again, I knew that Australia was my next destination. Since I landed in Sydney 5 years ago, this land and people have welcomed me with open arms. I arrived in Bondi Beach where I could feel the interest and respect that Australians have for other cultures. I am passionate about my culture and traditions, being far away from home made me feel even more proud of my cultural roots. That is when a deep interest in teaching and promoting the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture arose.

I started to promote the Spanish language in natural ways with some of my new Australian friends. They used to help me with my English and I taught them Spanish. It was in these moments that I saw my innate ability for teaching. Moreover, I am native from Castilla y Leon, the region where original Spanish is spoken “castellano”, so this fact was attractive for students interested in that type of accent.

With the interest of expanding my professional experience in events, I started to collaborate in the Latin American Festival in Bondi. Through this event, I discovered the large Latin American community that exists in Sydney and Australia. The organisers of the festival drove a local radio in Bondi and they asked me to produce my own radio show, it was the first Spanish program on the station. I called it “La escuela” which means school in Spanish.

Aqueduct of Segovia, the 2th century

La escuela was on air once a week, which I combined with other jobs such as working in a Vintage clothing shop, production in music festivals and Spanish lessons. Even though my professional education and experience was oriented to the marketing world, I found teaching more rewarding; this feeling was compounded as I taught more students. As a result of my teaching experience and promotion of Spanish Language and Hispanic culture on la escuela radio I decided to train as a Spanish teacher.

As I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising & Public Relations and a Master in Communication & Events Management, I was able to access and complete successfully a bridge course as a Spanish language teacher offered by the Instituto Cervantes in Sydney. Which is The Official Spanish Language Centre in Australia. The course included planning for both adults and children. After my training I taught for a while in Sydney holding private and small groups, always under la escuela’s name.

At the end of 2018 for love and marriage I moved permanently to Bellingen where I keep with my mission. When I met Milena we decided to join forces. Now, alongside her, la escuela is facing a new beginning. My radio program has become a cultural educational center, maintaining, and strengthening the original vision as well as constantly evolving.

In my teaching, I can apply my previous professional experiences with creativity, freedom and joy. La escuela is a bridge between Australia, Spain and Latin America, which allows me to be connected by sharing my culture. I feel the commitment and devotion to promoting our culture and language. Offering this service to the Bellingen community and wider Australia. I am keen to awaken in them the importance of learning a new language, which brings with it numerous benefits. Including infinite intellectual, social and cultural possibilities. Thus, opening the door to a new world of experiences.
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