If you want to improve your listening and pronunciation in an entertaining way you can do it through listening to “La escuela” radio. Through different topics such as the natural environment, cinema, art, Latin American indigenous knowledge, emotional health, travels, interviews, literature, poetry and stories.

And of course a great variety of music, going through the pre- Hispanic musical origins, the rich hodgepodge of all cultures until leading to the most current music.

Sometimes, counting on different musicians and DJs from the Austro- Latin scene in Sydney. For each section, la escuela counts on expert collaborators , who are from different Spanish speaking countries, to make the language known with its different accents.

One of the objectives of la escuela radio is to attend to the Latin community here, especially the new generations. The second and third generations of Hispanics born in Australia are losing the language and the original culture of their heritage. So the radio show helps to address Spanish speakers; Spanish, Latinos and Australians with the interest in Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture.

Only for those in love with learning a new language.
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