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580 million people speak Spanish in the world, 483 million of the which are native speakers. It is the third language in the speaker’s global computation (native domain + limited competence + Spanish students), after English and Chinese and the second native language by population. It is the third language most commonly used language of the internet, where it has a giant growing potential. In Australia, 34.000 people study Spanish.

We would like to paraphrase Luis García Montero when he talks in his article “Lengua Materna” about learning a language, as we have felt terribly identified with his words. With the beautiful way he has of expressing himself, he declares that teaching a language is much more than teaching a vocabulary: teaching a language involves sharing a set of values and showing a culture of open identities and democratic values. On top of this he believes that divulgating the Spanish language and its culture contributes to counteract worldwide problems like intolerance, supremacies and identity chimeras that consider diversity as a threat.

This is exactly how we feel about teaching Spanish. Our vision is to awaken in our students an enthusiasm and love for the different languages of the world, as well as an intercultural understating that will help them in their future.

All the data and statistics used in this article have been taken from the official report Data and Statistics that the Instituto Cervantes presented in the Annuary «El español en el mundo 2019».

If you would like to read the rest of the article from Luis García Montero, Lengua materna, here is the link.

Spanish for kids

Have your kids always been interested in learning Spanish? Are they exposed to Spanish at home but have difficulty in expressing themselves? Were they exposed to Spanish at Pre-school but there is no Spanish at Primary school? Are you simply interested in your children learning another language because of all the cognitive and social benefits it involves? If your answer is yes to any of the above, bring your kids to come and learn with us!
Private lessons (face-to-face) We offer private lessons for children aged 4 to 18. We adapt the lessons to the children’s needs and preferences. Our extensive experience working with children helps us connect with every child in a different and unique way.
Group lessons (face-to-face)

Spanish for adults

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but have never found the right moment? Do you spend hours and hours using language apps but still feel you cannot express yourself as you would like to? Have you been exposed to Spanish because your spouse/relatives speak Spanish, and you would like to communicate with them better? Did you take some Spanish courses at school and would like to bring what you learned back to live?

Whatever your situation is, we can help you!

We love teaching our language and sharing our culture with our students. In our lessons we cover the four basic language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These are the cornerstones of learning a language. Because you cannot build a house without a strong foundation (at least not if you want it to resist strong weather), we will start from the very beginning and build upon these four foundations, slowly but steady.

We teach the Spanish language in all its amplitude. We will share with you the culture, vocabulary and expressions from both Spain and Latin America. We will learn the context of everything we see in class, what will make learning a language much easier.

You will enjoy learning through our enthusiastic nature and creative lessons.

  • Private lessons (face-to-face)For those students who have a more limited availability or want to be able to set their own pace. We also recommend private lessons to those students that have a set goal and want to dedicate more than 2/3 hours a week to learning Spanish. We will work with so you can get exactly what you need from our lessons.
  • Private lessons (online)We also offer online lessons for those who are interested in learning Spanish but are not able to physically attend our lessons. This could also suit you if you are working from home or caring for your children at home and would like to take advantage of this time to learn Spanish. Our online Spanish lessons are tailored to meet your exact needs: we can follow our curriculum or focus on specific areas of your interest. Up to you!
  • Group lessons (face-to-face)More interactive and more fun… come and learn Spanish with us as well as with other students. We run our face-to-face group lessons on Monday and Wednesday. Each course goes for 10 weeks and consists of 1 class of 75 minutes per week .

Each 10 weeks course corresponds to one level. The cost per level is $380, and there are usually 5 – 8 students per course.

We also offer online lessons for those who are interested in learning Spanish but are not able to physically attend our lessons.

Spanish online

If you feel like the online lessons are more your thing anyway, we have got your back!
We offer private & group face to face lessons as well as private & group on line lessons.
No matter where you are, we will be there.

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